ITALIAN PRESTIGE CHAMPIONSHIP. Cervellin e Renaux Team Yamaha Sm Action 1st e 2nd in MX2

In the General Classification Team SM Action Yamaha riders are occupying the first two places: Cervellin with 955 points and Renaux with 658 points. Forato, who is 3rd in the standing, has 584 points.

From all the Ferval staff the best compliments to the team, the rider and the team!

We report below the full text of the press release of the Emilia motocross team, of which we are the official sponsor for 2019.
Text and photos by Adriano Dondi.


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It could have been a big party, but the bad weather ruined the effort that the “Motoclub Brilli Peri” have put to deeply renew the track in terms of conformation.
It went all good on Saturday and Sunday morning, but after lunchbreak the clouds arrived above the circuit and a lot of rain dropped from the sky.

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Despite all of that, Team SM Action Yamaha finished the second round of the “Italian Prestige Championship” with a great result: Michele Cervellin won the MX2 while Maxime Renaux finished second. Throughout the weekend Cervellin’s physical shape seemed to be at its best and that was a thing that he didn’t show at the first races of the year.
This was his score: 1st in Timed Practice, 2nd in Race 1, 1st in Race 2 and 1st in the “Supercampione” race.
Renaux was not lower than his teammate. He finished 4th in Group 1 (same group of Cervellin) Timed Practice, 3rd in Race 1, 2nd in Race 2 and 4th in the “Supercampione” after a good battle with Bernardini.

Difficult day for Andrea Adamo and Michael Mantovani instead. Adamo finished 16th in Race 1 but he moved up from the 27thposition. In Race 2 he was 20th after lap 1 but he could not ride at his best due to the bad conditions of the track’s surface, so he finished in the very back of the group.

Mantovani had a hard day too, due mainly to technical issues. He had a very bad start in Race 1 because of a little problem at his clutch. He then fell off a couple of times. In Race 2 he was forced to retire due to a technical issue of his bike.



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“It was an almost perfect weekend. I felt good every time I went on track and the work that we’ve done to my bike helped a lot. I took part to three races and I finished two times in first place and one time in second. I feel good with my body and I’m reaching a perfect athletic condition. The beginning of my season didn’t go as I expected but now it’s getting better. The season is going to be long, and after Mantua’s round, on the 12th of May, we will have many close races so it is complimentary to arrive at those days with the best preparation”.


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“I’m happy about my second round of the Italian Prestige Championship. I finished 3rd in Race 1 and 2nd in Race 2. It is a good result considering that the surface was slippery due to rain that dropped during the day. In the “Supercampione” I had a good start and I was straight away next to the 3rd place. As I said, the track was slippery and it was really hard to overtake. Then I was hit by a rock on my face and since that point I only thought to finish the race”.


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“I had a hard and complicated weekend. In Race 1 I had an issue with the clutch and I had a bad start. At the first corner I was also involved in a group crash and I restarted in last place. I moved up to the 21st position but when there were three laps to go I made a mistake and I moved back to 32nd. In Race 2, under the rain, I had a better start but at lap 3 my bike just switched off and I had to retire. It’s a pity because in that moment I was reaching the Top Ten”.